Supported operating systems

OS Web Windows macOS Linux Android iOS
Support Supported Supported No maintainers1 Supported Supported No maintainers1
Backends Only Mastodon-based23 All
  1. Kaiteki has no support for Apple platforms (macOS, iOS, etc.) since there are no developers being able to maintain it. If you would like to take over, contact us.
  2. Most instances have by default HTTP headers which make the browser prevent sending requests within other domains like because of CORS. This makes effectively those backends unusable on web.
  3. Kaiteki does not support deep links for authentication yet. This means that websites that only support an OAuth2 login flow, are not usable with the web version. This might change in the future.

Supported backends

Currently the following backends are going to be supported by Kaiteki:

This table shows unique features from the supported backends and if they're implemented yet.

Feature / Backend Mastodon Pleroma Misskey Twitter
Notifications Supported Not supported
Polls Viewing only Not implemented yet
Formatting N/A Partially implemented Partial MFM support
Stickers Planned N/A
Chatting Work in progress Not implemented yet
Reacting Supported N/A
Previewing Supported Not implemented yet
Lists Supported Not implemented yet
Official frontend themes N/A Planned (#50) Planned (#51) N/A

Backend notes


Twitter has public APIs which have many limitations and thus worsen the experience on Kaiteki. Below is a list of already known issues:
  1. You cannot tweet to your Twitter Circle. [1]
  2. You cannot update your profile. [2]
  3. You cannot view your notifications. [1]
  4. Banners are not visible. [2]
  5. Direct messages are not available. [2]
  6. Not all tweets from a thread/conversation can be viewed. [4]
  7. Tweet caps are shared among Kaiteki users. [3]
  8. Tweets don't show whether they have been liked or retweeted before. [2]

1 Twitter does not expose the functionality in their API.

2 Feature was not migrated from v1. See Twitter API endpoint map | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

3 See Twitter API v2 Tweet caps | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform.

4 Twitter doesn't offer an endpoint for retrieving conversations, but only offer a search endpoint which only returns tweets from the last 7 days. See Conversation ID | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform.


Authentication Method / Backend Mastodon Pleroma Misskey Twitter
Direct token entry Planned (#105)
Login over credentials Normal Supported N/A
2FA N/A Supported Not implemented yet
(authentication over browser)