Craftplacer Published on 23-11-2022

November 2022 Updates

Between October and November, focus was laid on bringing essential features to the table.


The new notifications screen as seen in Kaiteki, with read and unread tabs and a 'mark all as read' button

A basic feature finally joined in, we now have functioning notifications.

It’s not feature complete quite yet, you can check out issue 56 for more details.

Emoji picker and reactions

The new emoji picker with tabs and a search bar

A proper emoji picker is now available. It also supports Unicode emojis, in order to support reactions.

Experimental Twitter Support

Kaiteki now has support for Twitter, although still has many flaws.

Attachment changes

Better alt text support

You can properly view the alt text of attachments now. Previously they were displayed in the AppBar, but that was very unfriendly for reading descriptive alt text.

Minor changes