Privacy Policy

Kaiteki is a free and open-source client for social-networking sites (SNS). By default it does not share any personal information and acts solely as a client to said SNS sites.


Data stored

The following data will be stored locally on the device:

Data deletion

To request your data transmitted to services to be deleted, contact your service administrator. Kaiteki does not administrate the services accessible within.

Error reports

Kaiteki is capable of generating a URL that leads to GitHub with prefilled information about the error to create an issue ticket.

The form can contain the following data:

The creation of a ticket requires a GitHub account. The user has the ability to delete their issue ticket on GitHub at will.


Users are capable of sending feedback to the developers of Kaiteki. In the process of this, the same data as of an error report is collected, including the data the user is willing to enter, such as the message body and the optional email address.

The feedback cannot be requested to be deleted and will be manually deleted off the receiving server.


If you still have questions regarding the privacy and security of Kaiteki, contact us at: privacy (at) kaiteki (dot) app